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ESSEN GROUP of Companies

ESSEN GROUP of Companies


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With strong base and proven domain knowledge, experience and credentials. Essen group operates in the following Infrastructure sectors.

Real Estate Developements Buildings & Airport Infrastructure Roads & Bridges. Water Resources planning, Infrastructure & management. Power and commissioning of substation.

We at Essen Group, employ only the highest technology and environment friendly materials. We provide best value in the form of people, material, time management by adopting the best alternative through micro analysis and macro core values At Essen group we have always considered the user Satisfaction as a major aspect for our growth.

ABOUT Essen :

Under the banner of Essen Group of Companies M/s. S. N. Constructions was established in the year 1974 as a proprietary concern by its chairman Shri Santhan Nanu. The company started its operation in the field of infrastructure development mostly Housing complex and public roads. Due to the sudden increase in demand for various residential projects the company has diversified its activity to providing quality homes which include Commercial Complex, Residential Apartments, Row Duplex. The company has created a niche for itself in the market for the same and is actively involved in procuring land banks. Since inception company has been actively engaged in Civil Contracting and infrastructural development activities.

M/s. S. N. Constructions has worked with various clients Private, Publics well as government and semi government companies. M/s. S. N. Constructions is registered Class 1 contractors for various esteemed Government and semi government organizations like C.P.W.D, Mormugao Port Trust, M.E.S (Military Engg. Services),Goa Shipyard Ltd. And Karnataka PWD.

Over the last few years M/s. S. N. Constructions has undergone rapid expansion in various Civil engineering sectors. It has its presence in and around Goa and Karnataka and is working towards expanding its operation into various other states. The Company has a track record of delivering quality project with timely completion and every project is tailor made to suit the requirement of the users of a facility. The Company has constantly reinvented itself, but the core values remain the same – trust, integrity and customer orientation.

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