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Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Goa

Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Goa

Subway in Baga, Goa

Top 10 most Beautiful Beaches in Goa ♥


Well I must say it’s never easy to shortlist only 10 beaches in Goa, especially when you’re in love with most of them. Every beach in this lovely state has their own unique topographies and charm. It’s like asking a mother to choose her best child; everyone is different and incomparable. Same goes with the beaches in Goa, all have their own distinctiveness and beauty. 


Goan beaches unlike the other parts of the world have a long and broad coastline, which attracts a large portion of tourist around the world. The south portion of Goa is known for its white silvery sand. This is what makes it unique and special.

Well, all the beaches mentioned below have the magnificence and audacity to keep you glaring throughout the day. Each beach is best enjoyed only if one could spend a minimum 2 days around the place.


Goa HolidaysMost of the beaches in Goa have different activities happening within the vicinity. Like Watersports, Retreat resorts, Massage centres, Beach Shacks, Beach huts, Restaurants, Boat ride, Scooter ride, Night Markets, Disco clubs, Shopping Stalls, Sightseeing’s etc.


So here are the top 10 beaches in Goa, selected among the best of the best. Please make sure to admire every little aspect when you visit these gorgeous beaches, as they indeed are absolutely adorable.



These are The Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Goa

palolem beach

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach – 25 kms from Margao city # No. 1

A scenic beach in extreme south Goa, with scenic rocks and islands off its shores. Good eat­ing options. Watersports activity can be enjoyed at its Best on this beach. It is becom­ing pricey (by local stan­dards) and get­ting a bit crowded, but still less crowded com­pared to other pop­u­lar beaches. A lot of people say that I’m addicted to this place but I would rather say I’m in love with it.

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Starting at Rs. 2300/Night





Baga Beach – 2 kms from Calangute Beach # No. 2

Baga Beach looks as if it has come straight out of a painting. The serenity of this wooded headland coupled with its scenic beauty in itself an attraction of Baga beach. The beach is named after the Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach. Definitely a number 2 on my list cos it simply has the best of amenities around it.

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Benaulim Beach – 6 kms from Margao city # No. 3

Benaulim beach is the beach to be, when you just want to relax. One can just laze the day off soaking in the sun, It gives you the pleasure and satisfaction of being in Goa. The best thing about Benaulim beach is that it is still rather undiscovered by domestic tourists even though it is a famous beach for fishing. A candle light dinner amidst the setting is an excellent add-on to the perfect vacation.

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Swimming Pool
Starting at Rs. 1800/Night





Miramar Beach



Miramar Beach – 3 kms from Panjim city # No. 4

A 2 km long coast of excellent, soft silvery sand bed, a mesmerizing vast blue sea in front of it, the Miramar Beach is a beautiful expanse of fine golden sands girdled with palm trees facing the blue Arabian Sea. Miramar beach is the sort of beach where you sit down and watch the sunset in its entire splendour.

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Colva Beach – 5 kms from Margao city # No. 5

Its stretch is around 2.4 km; the beach consists of the finest powder white sand and is lined along its shore by coconut palms. It has been one of the famous beaches of Goa, and is a threat to those who want to have a lovely sunbathe and a peaceful relaxed moment. This beach is a spec­ta­cle of sea, sand and sky, the perfect blend of an enchant­ing nat­ural har­mony, weav­ing their magic spell on the vis­i­tors.

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Calangute Beach – 8 kms from Mapusa city # No. 6

An ultimate destination to spend the most exquisite experience of one’s life, Calangute sees an influx of charter tourists, as well as low budget tourists and backpackers year after year. Bordered on the western coast of Goa, Calangute is India’s best known beach as a touristic destination. Popularized by the hippies in the 60’s including The Beatles who used to come to Calangute in the late sixties to rest and enjoy beach life.

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Majorda Beach – 5 kms from Colva Beach # No. 7

Situated in the south of Goa, Majorda beach is one that will sweep you off your feet with its canopy of palm trees, soft white-sands, clear waters & mere bliss. I’ve been living here since a kid and trust me I love this place for its serenity and peaceful atmosphere. It is one of the most marvelous beaches in Goa that I know for certain. Majorda beach can be regarded as one of Goa’s best kept secret, which is relatively unknown and offers visitors to Goa the paradise like surroundings they have come to experience.

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Baga Beach

Bogmalo Beach – 5 Kms from Dabolim Airport # No. 8

The most attractive thing about this beach is the sunset. The yellow orange tinged sun with a pinkish hue, dipping at the horizon is a sight you cannot miss in this lifetime. Bogmalo originally was a small fishing hamlet but now is a growing tourist hub. Many locals in the village depend upon fishing for their livelihood. Quality time can be spent with family, friends and loved ones. Surely a tour of the Bogmalo beach will be etched in your memory for a very long time.

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Vagator Beach – 9 kms from Mapusa city # No. 9

Vagator beach resembles a crescent as it meets the Chapora estuary. This beach boasts of white sand that are beautifully contrasted with black rocks. The lush greenery all around, the swaying palms and aquamarine water of the Arabian Sea of Vagator Beach takes your breath away. Yes, the very famous Sunburn Festival has been relocated to this beautiful spot. Spend some time on the cliffs overlooking the beach for a spectacular view. Sunsets on Vagator are beautiful, and the rocky headlands make for a dramatic sea scape.

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Goa Holiday Homes

 Dona Paula Beach – 4 Kms from Panjim city # No. 10

Tranquil and blue, Dona Paula unravels the ultimate in aquatic sport and fun. Apart from enjoying the great view from atop the hillock, you can simply relax in benches enjoying the evening sea breeze and sunset. So watch the difference in the water color. See the Arabian sea far into the horizon. And make sure you sip the refreshing lemon drink the locals sell.

Read more about Dona Paula


So that’s it for now, the above 10 beaches should be good enough to spend a memorable and relaxing time in Goa. Incase you want explore some more beaches around Goa then please visit our innGOA.com iNFO page to discover the rest. Till then ‘do svidaniya’ (Goodbye in Russian Language).


Our Recommended Holiday Home #Lotus Holiday Homes and #Palolem Holiday Homes located in Goa’s most loved serenity Benaulim Beach & Palolem Beach.


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And well for Watersport lovers who want to Skim the waves, Surf the seas, Float across the skies. The fabulous golden Goan coast is sprinkled with water sports excitements from windsurfing to paragliding. Here is an article on different type of water adventures. 

#16 Different Watersports in Goa – The thrill of a lifetime

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Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Soul-warming sun, plenty of white sand, palm trees, crystal clear blue water, and fragrant sea air is what Calangute beach is all about.

Bordered on the western coast of Goa, Calangute is India’s best known beach as a touristic destination. Popularized by the hippies in the 60’s including The Beatles who used to come to Calangute in the late sixties to rest and enjoy beach life, this luscious stretch of silvery sand is considered as Goa’s most beautiful and The Queen of all beaches. An ultimate destination to spend the most exquisite experience of one’s life, Calangute sees an influx of charter tourists, as well as low budget tourists and backpackers year after year. Before the place saw a number of British and European tourists, but now, it is the Israelis and The Russians who are profiled as a growing proportion of the international tourists in Goa.

In addition to swimming and sunbathing, beach goers here can para sail, water-ski, windsurf, snorkel and water-scooter while the kids can build castles in the sand. Calangute, 15 km north of Panaji, also has the tourist swarming for the countless shacks and picturesque huts that serve food on the beach. The cuisine of Goa is heavily influenced by four hundred years of Portuguese colonialism. While authentic Goan food eaten by the locals is extremely fiery, the food served at these shacks are less spicy keeping the `taste’ of tourists in mind. Most popular are the seafood dishes. From prawns to kingfish, lobster and squid, all are fresh and always available. Other popular local food is vegetarian Thalli, Balchao (fish in spicy, red sauce), Xacuti (meat or chicken cooked with coconut), Vindaloo (spicy pork curry), Sorpatel (spicy pork dish), Reichado (fish stuffed with spicy sauce), Fish Curry (the national dish) and Bebinca (sweet cake made from coconut pancakes).


But, whether you are looking for delightful cocktails in simple beach shacks, chic trendy lounges, jazz concerts or dancing till dawn under a starlit sky, Calangute has it all. The other places worth visiting in Calangute besides the Calangute beach is another beach known as Baga beach which is located 2 km away from Calangute Beach. Counted among the most popular beaches in Goa, Baga Beach is famous for its water sports and dolphin cruises. Tourists can reach   Baga Beach by hiring motorbikes from   Calangute.


Kerkar Art Gallery is the popular art gallery of Calangute that holds display of sculptures and paintings made by Subodh Kerkar. The exhibition at the gallery also holds display of the artwork of contemporary artists from all over India. calangute_beach2The church of St. Alex, which was founded by Franciscans, is popular among tourists for its architectural beauty. The church features two towers, altars and a white dome, which can be seen from the entrance. This church was originally founded in 1595, which makes it one of the oldest surviving churches in Goa.

Located at Mottant, Medicinal Springs is a stream believed to have curative properties.  These springs are an ideal spot for picnics, where tourists mainly take bath in the medicinal water. Tourists can reach these springs by following the narrow road after the Bom Viagem Convent. Baga Retreat House, located at Baga hilltop, is a retreat house dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier. Popularly known as Casa de Retiros, this retreat house overlooks the Arabian Sea and the village.


Calangute  has always been known for its ‘Happening’ culture. Nightlife at Calangute is a major attraction for the tourists. The beach is a hotspot for organizing parties. Party culture in Goa is supposed to be started by the Hippies during their visit to Goa in 1960s. They found the beaches of Goa perfect for resting in solitude. Nights on these beaches under the moon along with water on one side prompted them to party during night time. Since then, Goa has come a long way in terms of the manner of the party. Tourists and locals need no excuse for a party and music & dance go on for whole night.  The local music bands of Goa have developed a unique style of music, which is referred to as ‘Goa Trance’. The Rave parties of Goa are also referred to as Trance parties. A major appeal to a large section of the crowd is the music. The fascinating European inspired electro-trance music combined with goan beats creates an atmosphere of pure mystique, charisma and groove. The experience is surreal. Tree branches are painted fluorescent colours with black lights attached to them so that the night looks like an array of rainbow hues. The paintings attached to the trees display psychedelic images of supernatural creatures, aliens, gods and goddesses, religion, peace and unity. Body or face painting is applied before sundown and fire dancers entertain the crowd with exceptional performances. The party livens up after sunset with over 1,000 people absorbing the peculiar feeling infused in the night.


The most suitable occasion to visit this beach is Christmas and New Year eves. Calangute is well connected to other parts of Goa by road.

By Train

The nearest railway station is at Thivim, and taxi from there takes about 20 minutes and costs around Rs.300. Other railway stations are at Margao

 and Vasco da Gama.

By Bus

Frequent state buses go to and from other parts of Goa, but if you’re traveling a longer distance, you need to change buses (for example, from the airport you should need three buses to get to Calangute). A bus from Panaji costs Rs.10-15 depending on the route the bus takes.

By Taxi

Prepaid taxi from the outside counter on the airport costs Rs.900, while discussing the price directly with the driver should result into cheaper price.

Reasonable accommodation

Take any road going towards the beach from the main road and find a bunch of places to sleep as you approach the beach. If you choose a smaller road you’re likely to find cheaper places.


By Maria D’Costa




Chef Soumyen’s Kitchen

Luis Marino Gomes Road, Calangute, India
Cuisines: European
Good for: Romantic, Groups, Business, Special Occasion Dining, Entertaining clients
Dining options: Dinner, Reservations, After-hours


Pousada by the Beach
Holiday street,Gaura-vaddo,Calangute Goa | Calangute Bardez Goa, Calangute, India

Cuisines: Indian, Continental, Contemporary, Bar
Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Reservations

Selfia Guest House – Majorda Beach
Price range: ₹ 1000 – ₹ 1,200
Features:Fully Furnished Guest House, Available In A/c Or Non A/c,
500m from the Majorda Beach, In house Bar and Restaurant.

All Resorts Mentioned are walkable distance to beach, along with good hotel staff and food.

the golden palms resort and spa at calangute
The Golden Palms Hotels and Spa

This place is exquisitely designed and has a class of its own. It manages to shun out the hustle bustle of the extremely crowded Calangute area but is still within a very accessible distance from the beach. Set in proper Modern amenites with kitchnett in rooms, this place is home away from home.



Atlanta Beach Resort

Atlanta Beach Resort located at the secluded edge of the Calangute Beach, is the perfect place for a truly relaxing holiday in Goa. The Atlanta beach resort is just 500 mtrs away from Calangute beach in North Goa. Basic amenities include Air conditioner, TV with cable, Telephone with Direct Dialing STD ISD, Refrigerator, 24 Hrs Hot & Cold Water etc.


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Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach, A beautiful beach, inhabited by Russian tourists. This place is popular among kitesurfers due to the shallow depth of the sea and a very wide beach. Prices are high, with many restaurants offering Russian cuisine. Nightlife is vibrant here.

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Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach, A small and quiet beach in Canacona Taluka.

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Anjuna Beach (The Hippie Beach)

Anjuna Beach (The Hippie Beach)

At the Foot of the Red Cliffs – Anjuna Beach (the hippie beach)


Every traveller knows that the perfect beach always has more to offer than just a picturesque scene and if you are visiting Goa, feel blessed – the Goan beaches offer you nothing less than your expectations of a perfect beach visit. Goa’s enchanting beaches, along its 103 km coastline, are vividly enticing.Anjuna Beach Web

Among the many such incredibly scenic beaches in Goa, there is one such beach which is always bustling, full of life, – whether it is the sound of waves crashing on the shore or the people enjoying, whether it is the music playing around or the children running around and building sand castles – yes, it is the opposite of a secluded tropical paradise, the Anjuna Beach (known as the hippie beach).

If you love to frolic in the sea and crave for a bath in the blue waters, Anjuna beach in Goa is the ideal place for you. One can plan a great day here – everything from adventures to parties, from sunbathing to dining on the beach side shacks and more so. What more could one ask for!!

Located 18 km from away from the state’s capital Panaji, Anjuna Beach is to the south of the Anjuna Village. The beach enjoys an iconic status for its notorious trance parties and the exotic Wednesday flea market brought in by the hippies during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Untill date, it continues to pull droves of midrange tourists and backpackers from every corner of the globe. Anjuna continues to evolve with its beach party scene.


What kind of activities can you get involved in?

Laze yourself bathing in the pleasant sun. Get your nerves high – try Bungee Jumping from an 80-ft tower and water-sports facilities like windsurfing and paragliding.


See beyond beauty – Sightseeing & Must Visits/Things to do…

The beach is adjacent to Chapora fort built in 1717 (around 8 minutes distance). The fort sits on a prominent position which showcases views in all directions.


The “Albuquerque mansion” located nearby is one of the sight-seeing highlights of this beach, magnificent Mansion built in 1920. Draws a number of tourist because of its structure and style – Mangalore tiles and white stone – splendid!


Wednesday Flea Market, every Wednesday, at around 11 a.m., Anjuna splashes its vibrant colours. Tourist as well as locals flock to this place, creating virtual clouds of dust with their vehicles. If you are among the shopaholics, be rest assured, you have set your feet at the right place This area offers pleasurable shopping experience with quality products at reasonable prizes. Classy and astounding variety of – wonderful blends of Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati ornaments and handicrafts.


The Acid House Party, Anjuna is a bit like India’s version of Ibiza, a sometimes loud party spot with full-moon parties (acid house) and an anything-goes atmosphere. Held for and by young tourists, these parties have attracted thousands of tourists. The trance party with dance, frolic, and jollity goes all night besides the fire.


Watersports, Goa itself is an excellent destination for water sports with its pleasant weather and calm waters. The best season for enjoying water sports in Anjuna and also other beaches in Goa is from October to May when the skies here are cloudless and blue, and the waters fairly placid.


Anjuna Beach can be visited at any time of the year. However, tourists should beware during the monsoon season, between June and September. We would suggest the period from November to February as the best time to visit Anjuna as the weather is also cool and pleasant.


Discover more of this place by yourself – Visit this amazing place – Anjuna!!




In Brief/Short…  Anjuna Beach is Close to the Chapora Fort, its key attraction is a magnificent Albuquerque Mansionbuilt in 1920, flanked by octagonal towers and an attractive Mangalore tile-roof. Anjuna was the second home (and main location) of the hippies in Goa in the 1960s and 1970s, after other destinations like Calangute got too “crowded” for them. It is still the venue of a (vastly-changed and more mainstream) flea market held each Wednesday. In the nearby village of Arpora, two colourful Saturday night bazaars are held in the non-monsoon seasons. This is still part of “alternative” Goa, though charter and other tourists also visit in increasing numbers to “get a feel of the hippy years”.

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Baga Beach

Baga Beach

Baga Beach – One That Has It All


Majestic white waves rushing to wipe out the feet imprints left on sand while the wind continues to flirt with the palm trees, Baga Beach in Goa looks as if it has come straight out of a painting. The serenity of this wooded headland coupled with its scenic beauty in itself an attraction of Baga beach. Soft waves of the sea, shallow shore line, river Baga meeting sea beside small hill, relaxing beach chairs with larger umbrellas & all you need is at Baga beach. The beach is named after the Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach.

Baga Beach lies in between its more famous siblings, the Anjuna and the Calangute in north Goa, just 9 km from Mapusa and 16 from Panaji. Baga begins where Calangute ends. Kamali is the nearest railway station near Baga beach. Regular bus service from Panaji and Mapusa is availed regularly be tourists. Baga also is approachable by cabs, two wheelers and buses from Dabolim, the nearest airport. It looks to be a regular beach when you first look at it but on the other side there are hillocks, greenery and more importantly the water streams into a backwater flow. The Baga River makes this popular holiday destination most interesting. The river waters are calm enough for children to enjoy. To the south of the river you will find lush green paddy fields with locals fishing or searching for the delightfully delicious local oysters. The beach is protected by the rocky headlands. Being a fishing beach, boats, nets and other fishing equipment are often laid on the sand when not in use, lending an old fashioned charm to this small beach.


Tourists visiting Goa Baga beach can choose from luxury resorts to rented houses. La Calypso Paradiso Getaway Resort, La Baga Beach Resort, Colonia Santa Maria, and Cavala Resort are some of the hotels at Baga beach. Lario’s Beach Shack, Britto’s and Fiesta are some of the places to try out a delicious meal.

Baga Beach has lots to offer; peaceful relaxation to start off with the usual distractions of beach shacks offering a variety of delectable local cuisine and drinks, and for those who can’t resist; colorful and beautiful trinkets and handicraft fabricated out of locally available resources. Apart from this some of the must do’s are water sports like para – sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, speed boat rides, bumpy rides and banana rides, fishing, dolphin watching and candlelight dinners.

If you are a music lover and enjoy partying, Baga is the place for you. Baga has an excellent nightlife. It indeed has the liveliest nightlife in that area. People usually end up at Club Mambo’s, Tito’s or Cubana, three of the famous clubs in the area.

Baga Retreat House or Casa de Retiros dedicated to St. Francis Xavier is situated on the Baga hilltop which offers a splendid view of the surrounding areas. Another major attraction is the Medicinal Springs at Mottant. There are beach excursions to the Medicinal Springs: The narrow road leading past the Bom Viagem Convent along the cashew-covered foothills, leads to the springs at Mottant. This is an ideal spot for picnics and bathing, as the water is believed to be medicinal. And the Baga Retreat House: Overlooking the village and the Arabian Sea, at the Baga hilltop is the Baga Retreat House dedicated to St Francis Xavier. It was known as the Casa de Retiros.

Apartment, Villa, Studio, Beach Huts

Cheap Accommodation

Like the flea market of Anjuna, Baga has started a Saturday night market. The advantage of the Night Market in Baga is that it has longer trade season. It opens in November and runs until the end of May. Opening hour is from 6 pm till late night. The Market has free parking zone. A great number of different shops and stores offer their visitors the extensive selection of goods, mostly handmade by the local artisans: clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, shoes, leather goods and other nice and useful things. All of goods presented at the Market are made from the natural materials only and has different quality. Here you can also take a quick bite in small cafes, watch the performances of different musicians and dancers and even dance yourself!

The combination of chirping birds overhead, the whispering of waves and the sound of flying leaves of palm trees with winds create a pleasant sound and it seems as if the Baga Beach were calling people to visit its fascination. A Beautiful stretch of the coastline with the groves of palm trees very close to the water edges creates a stunning ambience. Baga is a beach worth a visit, atleast once during your stay in Goa.

For those who would love to stay around Baga and Calangute Beaches, INNGOA Holiday Homes would like inform you that we have newly started our Holiday Guest House Services in Baga also. Currently we rank it as one of the Best Guest House property near Baga Beach with the Best of Amenities and facilities. Starting at Rs. 2500/night. Pics and more details of BAGA HOLIDAY HOMES⇐


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