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Agonda Beach – An unspoilt jewel in the crown of Goan beaches

Agonda Beach – An unspoilt jewel in the crown of Goan beaches



An unspoilt jewel in the crown of Goan beaches


If you have heard that the best places to visit in Goa, exist only in the north… you have heard it all wrong – or rather say you haven’t heard about a place called – Agonda Beach at all. Have you?
Agonda Beach is ranked no. 4 in the top 10 Asia Beaches published by TripAdvisor. They have also ranked Palolem Beach Goa as No. 8 in the same list, its just 5 kms away from Agonda Beach.
Agonda beach is an ideal destination for people who love their own company and are in search of tranquillity and peace – a perfect calm, long pristine stretch of beach with none of the notorious Goan nightlife trail.

Agonda Beach Web

One would surely term it as, an unspoilt jewel in the crown of Goan beaches. For your information, it is one of the only four beaches designated as turtle nesting sites under the Coastal Regulation Zone 2011 notification.


How to reach here?
This beach is located about 37 kms from Margao. From the airport (Dabolim) it is about a 90-minute drive away. If, you are in the south and intend taking a bus ride, you will need to arrive at the main Margao Bus Stand (KTC) and board a bus heading to Canacona, which will take around an hour’s time. If you want to avoid crowded buses and the so called bus hassles, you can hire a taxi or cab and head to the destination. P.S.: The taxis/cabs may burn a hole in your pockets! might cost you around Rs 1800.
Stay at Agonda beach is also diverse, from uber-luxury villas on the beach, to guesthouses, to very basic beach huts, to rooms in fishermen’s houses – No worries at all!
Palolem INNGOA Holiday Home is not too far away from this beach, we recommend this property for a comfortable stay.



The stunning ivory-coloured cove of the beach makes it a perfect getaway for tourists to just sit back and enjoy the sight of surging sea waves from the seashore, an amazing destination for solitude and a completely relaxed vacation.
The dawn walks along the gorgeous 3 km coastline will leave a pleasant mark in your mind, you will witness sights that will indeed behold your eyesight – tourists jogging, some of them going for swims, the fishermen merrily enjoying their catch for the day, and plenty more.
Having relatively few tourists or for that matter, less crowd, it serves as a great spot for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming.
This isn’t it, there are some local fishermen that take you on boat tours to dolphin areas or close islands nearby.
If you are here, make sure you visit these places too:
  • Cabo da Rama fort located close to the beach, a beautiful fort and a popular tourist attraction. Built by the Portuguese, stands tall and still on the hill. The fort isn’t the only attraction – dig a little deeper – inside the fort stalls an outstanding church called as Santo Antonio. Standing on this tall hill, one can get a panoramic view of the sea and the entire place.
  • Shiva Yoga Centre – Love yoga? The yoga centre located close to the beach offers courses under the guidance of Swami Shivanadji (yoga teacher). This place also offers accommodation, if you love silhouette and meditation, you will surely fall in love with this place.
  • The Rock Formations – This place offers nothing great yet simply breath-taking place to view the sunset from. Click a pic as the sun takes a dip in the sea and bids adieu.
  • Shiv Mandir– A famous religious destination for Hindus. Also, among the ancient temples in Goa. Domestic as well as local tourists flock here in large numbers. The Shiv Mandir is open on all days for darshan from morning 5am to 8 pm.
After all the sightseeing, your stomach is sure to cry, run for food:
Although a remote area, you will find an array of food destinations here, offering you yummylicious delicacies.
To mention a few tasty eateries are Rico’s, Blue Planet Cafe, Nature Organic, Agonda White Sand Restaurant, Simrose, Arabian Nights, La Dolce Vita Restaurants.
We have described the beach in brief – it has to offer more than what is written in these 2 pages, hence, Goa’s Agonda beach is named as India’s best and the fourth in Asia by travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards for Beaches.
Share your experience with us – We wish you build a castle on memories when on visit to this beach!
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Benaulim Beach – The Place to unwind on a holiday

Benaulim Beach – The Place to unwind on a holiday

Benaulim Beach – The Place to unwind on a holiday

One can just laze the day off soaking in the sun. It gives you the pleasure and satisfaction of being in Goa. Benaulim beach is the beach to be, when you just want to relax. Eating joints nearby offer you snacks and drinks as and when preferred and you don’t even have to bother about getting up from your comfort zone for such things because there are assistants roaming about through whom you can place the orders and the food or drink is brought to you where you are seated. Here you can simply lie on the sand and finally get up with a beautiful tan. Benaulim beach still has the Portuguese influence. This beach in Goa starts where Colva beach ends. The best thing about Benaulim beach is that it is still rather undiscovered by domestic tourists even though it is a famous beach for fishing. This beach gets fairly crowded in the evenings and on weekends

Benaulim is an atmospheric fishing and rice-farming village situated between coconut groves and paddy fields on the main coast road from Colva to Mobor.


It is an ideal place to unwind on holiday and the seafood in the restaurants and beach shacks is superb and very good value for money. The long beach with its brilliant white sand, churning surf, beach shacks, traditional outrigger fishing boats and glorious sunsets is breathtaking. The local people are very friendly and helpful. It is a town of immense natural beauty, located along the scenic south Goa coastline. Folklore has it that Lord Parashurama, incarnation of Lord Vishnu, shot an arrow from the Sahyadri mountains in adjacent konkan; the arrow (Baan in Sanskrit) landed at the site of this present-day town. Thus it was known as Banahalli or Banavalli (the village of the arrow) before the advent of the Portuguese. Ancient Banavalli had a magnificent temple dedicated to Shiva and Parvati,known as Katyayani Baneshvar ruins, of which can be still found in the village. The deities were shifted to Aversa in Northern Kanara (modern Uttara Kannada) in the 16th century.

Some of the hotels one can find around Benaulim are: Furtados Beach House is located exactly on the famous Benaulim Beach In South Goa. Joecons beach resort is built on a 9,000 sq. mts, surrounded by lush paddy fields in the quaint village of Benaulim. Joecons is where you can enjoy a relaxing getaway. Lotus Resort is a home away from home for the visitors to Goa. And is Strategically located in close proximity to the beautiful Benaulim beach. Overlooking the mighty Arabian Sea, The Taj Exotica is one of the best 5-star properties in Goa.

Beach shacks offer great sea food, traditional Indian food, and lots of Beer, along with cocktails. There are open-air eateries serving seafood and Portuguese dishes. Beach Bonanza fair starts from mid of April and held on consecutive Sundays. Visitors can enjoy various activities at this Beach Bonanza Fair. Apart from the seafood, you can also catch up with some water activity. The main water-sports in Benaulim beach are dolphin and crocodile spotting. Adventure lovers can also enjoy Para sailing or jet-skiing. Wind surfing, boating, banana boat rides, skiing and rowing are few water sports that you can indulge in. It is among the beast beaches as for as fishing is concerned. Few private companies organizes full day Paradise Island Trip, which includes food and beverages; underwater snorkeling and fishing.

Two of the Major Tourist Attractions are Nossa Senhora de Merces( Our Lady of Mercy) Church and the Church of St John the Baptist.

Nossa Senhora de Merces is famous for its annual religious event Fama of Menino Jesuse (Child Jesus) since the 17th century. The Catholic community celebrates it on the third Monday of October every year. It is one of Goa’s most popular feasts and a huge fair is organised on this auspicious occasion. The Church of St. John The Bapist celebrates on arrival of the monsoon the feast of St John the Baptist (Sao Joao) as a thanksgiving. Young men wearing crowns of leaves and fruits tour the area singing for gifts. To commemorate the movement of St John when he was in his mother’s womb and visited by Mary, the mother of Jesus, the young men of this village jump in the wells.

Eating and drinking in huts, shacks and restaurants are the main nightlife of Benaulim beach. Enjoying loud music, drinking chill beer and parties can be seen at night. Occasionally, people enjoy with their guitar at the shacks.

Shopping complexes are yet to be developed but one can enjoy visit to trinket shops and drink stalls on the beach to buy artefacts, antiques and gifts. The beach provides a natural landscape and makes the surroundings absolutely photogenic. The tall swaying palm trees, the blue ocean, the golden sands, the wooden boats scattered at strategic places, all make this beach a scene out of Paradise. Occasionally you may find hawkers, fruit sellers, wandering masseurs, roaming on the beach. The Benaulim beach is also popular because people can easily go swimming here as the water is free of jellyfish and other hazards.

You can look forward to a perfect beach setting with acres of silvery sands and cool breeze that take you to a different world of rest and repose until the sound of the sea waves crashing into the shores brings you back. The beach looks even prettier at night with the starlit sky and gentle moonlight lending the place a truly exotic look. A candle light dinner amidst the setting is an excellent add-on to the perfect vacation.

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Majorda Beach Goa

Majorda Beach Goa

Majorda Beach



Situated in the south of Goa, Majorda beach is one that will sweep you off your feet with its canopy of palm trees, soft white-sands, clear waters & mere bliss. I’ve been living here since a kid and trust me I love this place for its serenity and peaceful atmosphere. It is one of the most marvelous beaches in Goa that I know of & is located about of 8 kms from Margao, 5 kms from the ColvaBeach and 18 kms from Dabolim Airport. Majorda Beach is connected to Margao with an excellent network of roadways and it is not much of a task to find your way. It has been one of the most popular beaches of Goa, and its popularity lies in its serenity.majorda beach walk

Majorda Beach has a strong bearing upon the Indian mythology. It is believed as per the Ramayana that when Lord Rama was a child he was kidnapped and brought to Majorda. Then while in quest of his consort Sita, he came to the Cabo-de-Rama, which lies further down south.


The history of Majorda is noteworthy for its breads & bakes and also toddy. Here Jesuits discovered the best toddy of Goa who used it to leaven the bread. Even today the people of Majorda are known to be the best bakers of Goa; this was the place where the tradition of baking European style breads was started. Besides, the tourists can enjoy a wide variety of mouth-watering sea-food and Goan cuisine at the beach.

Fisherman watching the tide by the seashore at Majorda Beach

Another popular attraction in Majorda is the Mae De Deus Church. The Church was found in 1588 A.D. After being destroyed in 1738, it was rebuilt in 1739. There are also many chapels and crosses almost in every section of the village.,/p>


Coming back to the beach, there are various attractions for the tourist, such as taking a dip in the clear waters at the beach or just laying back and sunbathing. If visiting you can participate in water sports like jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, and etc. or go to explore nearby villages or simply relax on the beach and watch the sunset and enjoy the essence of freshness.

people at majorda beach

At Majorda we also have a number of facilities to accommodate those visiting. Some of the most famous hotels and resorts are found here. You can find wide variety of luxury hotels and budget shelters. There are also plenty of heritage homes and locally constructed sun loungers available for hire which makes Majorda ideal for relaxing in comfort.

For all these reasons and despite its small size I love this place & I am sure if anyone visits here will instantaneously fall in love with it too. Majorda beach continues to attract many thousands of tourists to its shores each year and yet has maintained its beauty.


On an ending statement, Majorda beach can be regarded as one of Goa’s best kept secret, which is relatively unknown and offers visitors to Goa the paradise like surroundings they have come to experience. If in Goa for the peaceful need, it is a must to visit MajordaBeach.


By Train

The near­est rail­way sta­tion is in Majorda itself. But Margao is the main station, which is 11kms from Majorda.


By Bus

Fre­quent state buses go to and from other parts of Goa, but if you’re trav­el­ing a longer dis­tance, you need to change buses. A bus from Margao to the beach would costs around Rs.10–15.


By Taxi

Pre­paid taxi from Margao would be around Rs.200-300, depending on your bargaining skills.



 By Melissa Godinho



All Resorts Mentioned are walkable distance to beach, along with good hotel staff and food.

Majorda Beach Resort

Majorda Village, Salcette, Majorda 403713, India


Raj’s Pentagon Restaurant & Garden Pub
Cuisines: Goan, Indian, Chinese, Multi-Cuisine, European/Continental, Drinks & Beverage
Popular dishes:Virgin Colada, Pentagon Mix, Margaritas, Martinis, Fish Fillet Masala Fry, Grilled Lobsters, Crab Metagolic, Grilled Crab
Landmark:Opposite Majorda Beach Resort


Selfia Guest House – Majorda Beach
Price range: ₹ 1000 – ₹ 1,200
Features:Fully Furnished Guest House, Available In A/c Or Non A/c,
500m from the Majorda Beach, In house Bar and Restaurant.


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