Cyrus Berne – Voice of Goa 2012

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A Young artist who swoons the crowd


Only 18 years old when he won the Voice of Goa competition, Cyrus Berne is the youngest Goan to ever win the title!  Cyrus likes to do what every other boy his age does, playing football, the play station, spending time with his family but what sets him apart from the rest is his great voice and the ability to compose his own music!


cyrus (4)1) You are such a talented singer, when did you decide music was meant for you?

– From a young age I liked music. I started leaning to play the violin when I was in standard 3. I have always liked to sing and later realized I have a good voice so I started learning the guitar at the age of 14 as it was a good instrument to suit and accompany my singing.


2) You won the grand title Voice of Goa, what was your experience in it? Were you nervous or confidant about the journey?

– I had always watched the voice of Goa competitions. I turned 18 and decided to go for the auditions just to get some experience. I dint know if I would get selected or not. But I did! There were moments when I was discouraged like when one of the judges told me to finish my education and come back but I did get selected for that round. I was the only contestant to play an instrument and sing his own compositions. I felt on top of the world when I won! I was so happy and excited! I felt like my dream had come true.

3) The song that made you the winner was your own composition, what are the kinds of songs you write? Does it relate to the happenings in your life?

– Almost all my songs talk about people’s feelings of love, pain, regret. They are something that everyone can relate to. They wary on different instances. All of my songs have been in English. The only Konkani song I have composed is Crazy Rosie.

cyrus (2)

4) What can you say about the situation in Goa in regards to singing original compositions?

– Well it is extremely difficult. The people want you to sing the popular songs which they see on the television. They want to listen to latest famous songs and not your own compositions.

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5) Which are some of the artists that you look up to?
– Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, A.R Raman, Remo, A26 Band (Goan Band)

6) What are some of the Advantages and Disadvantages to winning Voice of Goa?

– The advantages would be a lot more exposure to the music industry. After winning such a prestigious title, people realize you actually are talented. They start taking you seriously. And it has made me more musically aware – I have had to learn at least 60 new songs to sing!
As for the disadvantages well the voice of goa stigma remains with you. The attitudes of those who are my best friends dint change. But there are some things I cannot do now as I have remarks being passed that the winner of voice of goa should not act like that.


7) Is your family supportive of you being a singer or would they want something different for you?

– My family is very supportive of me. The only rule they had was that I complete my graduation. Music has always been in my life so I leant to balance my education along with it. I give equal attention to my education too so my family is happy and proud!

8) What are your present and future plans? Will you continue in the music business?

– Presently I have a contract with Kingfisher to perform at different venues. And my future plans would be to stay in Goa and change the music scene! I want to be known as one of Goa’s best singers!

9) Since you have achieved so much, what message would you give those pursuing an occupation in music?

– I would say be different, be unique, have your own style! That’s what gets you noticed – being different from others! Always keep practising and never give up – no matter what.

10) What would you like to say about

– It’s a good idea for a site – something which Goa requires!



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