Palolem Beach – Queen of Beaches

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Palolem Beach – Queen of Beaches
Everything is getting so fast paced around us, thats time we definitely need a break. Palolem is a good place to lay down all your burdens and have a good time. Palolem is largely unspoiled and is inhibited by both local fishermen and by foreign tourists who live in shacks along the shore or in the main village itself. The airport is approximately 67km away and the Margao Railway Station is 43kms away. There are bus services at regular intervals of 30 minutes from the beach to the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) Bus Depot in Margao. The nearest Bus Stand is at Chaudi (Canacona City), which is 5 mins from Palolem. But my personal favourite would be to make a road trip out of it.

palolem beach
Palolem Beach
Take your car or your geared bike with a few select people and start off early morning. Since you can’t book places to stay here online or over the phone, not to worry, there are plenty of shacks to rent or if you do not like that idea. There are many guest house & resorts as well. Book a room and head out onto beach to indulge in the several activities Palolem has to offer. This place is quite the treat, you can go scuba diving, canyoning or a trekking tour, rent self paddle sea kayak boats, you can take a boat trip to see dolphins or take yoga classes at arunachala yoga centre or any other place and you will be exhilarated by it. Exhilarating as it is, if you are looking for more or looking forward to some seclusion and privacy as well, take a walk to Butterfly Island. You will spot this island to your right on entering the beach. You can walk along the beach and along some rocks during the low tide and reach the island. During high tide, water covers it and makes it impossible to walk across. The island has a network of trails to explore, further on to the right is Butterfly Beach. You will need a boat to get there. Further on still is the Honeymoon Beach, a small strip of beach which generally brings you to total seclusion. the best time for a boat ride to these islands is in the morning at 7 am or in the evening at 5 pm.
 kayaking in palolem goa
 The best is yet to come, Neptunes Point (south of the main beach) provides with silent noise parties where big crowds of party goers gather every Saturday for some serious partying and dancing to some awesome tunes underneath the starry sky. you will be handed wireless head-phones with different channels to choose from. or you can opt for a quiet, peaceful evening either getting a tan or taking a walk along the beach with it being crescent shaped so that you can see the entire beach on either end. both ends of the beach consists of rocks jutting out into the sea.

What is better then wrapping up your day with shopping! on the beach front and inland, there are many little music shops, spice shops and garment shops- some of which are mini bazaars. the hippy influence over this place for over years means that they will let you chill out and let you choose rather than try to hard sell you the minute you enter the shop. Interestingly enough, at the top of the island adjoing the palolem beach, there is  as tone sculpture created by an american conceptual and land artist Jacek Tylicki called “give if you can- take if you have to” also called the “money stone”. it became a pilgrimage destination.


Landscape Garden
Palolem Holiday Homes, managed by INNGOA (Bookings Open)
With spending an entire day on tiring yet exciting activities, it is obvious you will want to cool off at dinner, space out and have some good food. Few suggestions gathered from travellers all over the world to this place are the Palolem Beach Resort, Cool Breeze- a jazz cafe, Sameer Restaurant- right on the beach, Cuba Shack – left of the beach, so enjoy the view along with their to die for fish sizzlers. Another suggestion by many is ‘Drupadi’ a popular restaurant, Magic Italy if you are in the mood for some good pizza along with your drink. there are several more. just go and explore!
Going to Palolem is a break you take and never want to get back from.
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