Model of the Season – Scarlett Rose

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There’s something about Scarlett that we just can’t resist! This bikini model is the latest to grab our attention. Whether she’s pouting for the camera or revealing about her life, Scarlett’s vulnerability, wilfulness along with her animated personality and innate style shines through.



This Is What She had To Say to Us



1: Tell us about your childhood. Did you always want to be a model?

– I was studying in Assam before I came to Goa in the 7th grade and joined Presentation Convent, Margao. I was a very mischievous kid Modeling was never in my foresight; I always wanted to be a teacher, a D.J., or an airhostess.

2: Did you have to struggle hard to make it in the modelling world?

– Yes, I had to work a lot, as I was chubby, and loosing that excessive weight was a big concern. I was over 60kgs pre “Miss Goa”. Now I am 47kgs. I had to exercise everyday and follow a strict diet. Also, being a model isn’t a piece of cake! You have to be confident, bold and should be able to carry off different outfits with ease Thankfully, I am very comfortable in my body and all the hard work paid off.

3: Describe your first photo shoot. Did you enjoy the experience?

-My friends who were amateur photographers used to use me as their model back then in college , and we use to shoot often so yes, that helped me a lot.

4: Tell us something of the beauty pageants that you won?

– The first Crown I won, was in 2011 “Miss Creation “.My friends filled the form and I was told about it just 10 minutes before the show!  So I walked the ramp in shorts and sneakers, danced on a random song and lo, won the crown, and there after Miss Goa Runners up and Miss Facebook for “Navy Queen”.

5: Have you changed as a person over the years?

– Physically, I have changed a lot; Old friends fail to recognize me. But as a person, I have changed the way I looked at life! Today, I try to see the positive side of life, learn to appreciate everything that comes my way, give more importance to humanity and people close to me, and empathise with others. Importantly, I have learnt to smile through my tough times.

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6: Are you happy with the modelling scene in Goa. What changes would you want to see in Goa as far as modelling is concerned?

– Not really, the modelling scene is yet to pick up in Goa, but at least compared to some years back, Goa has raised it bar a little It would be nice to see more male and female models, designers, make-up artist, hair stylist and photographers as we hardly have any. But sadly, the modelling industry in Goa pay a pittance. It’s sad and that should change.

7: What advice would you give to the youth of Goa who want to get into modeling?

– Goa has potential. The young blood of Goa has a lot of talent and is very creative. My words of encouragement would be, “If you want to achieve and make it big, set a goal and work hard. Don’t let any sort of negativity pull you down! If you really like what you are doing, enjoy it and follow your goal” You will surely make it big!


8: Has any incidents made you bitter?

– Not really, I don’t really let negativity pull me down.

9: How do people react to your bikinis shots?

– Mixed reactions, I would say! People in the glamour and entertainment industry appreciate it. The people of Goa have supported me.  But there are many others who have a lot of negative opinion about my work. They think being a Bikini Model is blasphemous and try to degrade you. But My Biggest Support is Goa. and I’m proud to represent this beautiful state.

10: How did photographer Neil Grake know of you?

– After Miss Goa, I had lot of people following me on Facebook, so I created a fan page, and started getting a lot of fan following. So Neil Grake, the photographer from Mumbai, happened to come across my profile. He saw the potential in me and asked me to do a shoot for him.

11: How did you get the debonair assignment?

– After my shoot with Neil Grake, I got a lot of work. Debonair too noticed me and asked Neil to do a shoot with me for their magazine.

12: Besides modeling, do you plan to do anything else?

– Yeah, I may get into the business line, as Commerce is my stream in college.  I’m currently studying, So someday I may become an entrepreneur or get into Management, Human resources or Mass Communication.


13: Are you happy with your celebrity status?

– Yes, I am happy that I have achieved everything through my hard work. There was no monetary help from anyone nor did I have a god-father in the industry! Yet, within a span of one year I have worked with top people, nationally & internationally too.  I have reached where I am today because of the encouragement and support from the people of “Goa” and I will strive to make my State proud of me.


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