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‘innGOA’ the name for the website is derived from 2 words, “inn” mean­ing a place of shel­ter; habi­ta­tion; abode & GOA – the name of the place that say’s it all. In other words it’s just about any­thing and every­thing, within Goa.


InnGOA.com is an online web­site that is ini­ti­ated by the peo­ple who are in love with Goa. It is Goa’s first and only Infotainment website till date. It’s basi­cally a non-profit web­site that is devel­oped to pro­vide end­less info about this beau­ti­ful state. Income from Sponsor’s, Contributor’s, Donations, Campaign & Advertisements accepted by innGOA.com is ploughed back into administration, maintaining, researching & finding the unknown this lovely place holds.


Goa is usu­ally known for its scenic beaches and numer­ous churches. Team innGOA has attempted to dis­close every lit­tle hid­den trea­sure of this state that has been over-shadowed by the above. The End­less Moun­tains, Large Green Fields, Rich bio-diversity, Deep Rivers,  Lakes, Bird sanc­tu­ar­ies, His­tor­i­cal Tem­ples etc. Many other aspects will be cov­ered in a peri­odic phase.


The web­site will also high­lights on the diverse cul­ture that Goa pos­sesses and the fes­tiv­i­ties that are cel­e­brated through­out the year. And also, some of the other rea­sons on why Goa is con­sid­ered as a peace­ful home or hol­i­day destination.


Recently, our team has also decided to cover some of Goa’s finest Celebrities, Young upcoming Talent & Goa’s top Entrepreneurs. In-short one can say “We have it all”.


innGOA.com is founded by a young entrepreneur who has done his masters in Finance & Marketing. He has 5 years work experience in Bangalore with some of the leading MNC’s in the World. To add to that he also holds 2 years regional experience in the Real-Estate field. Being passionate about his state has finally brought him back to where he belongs.


The journey of innGOA.com began in the year 2011 when our founder had bought the domain name for the purpose of showcasing all the developed properties in Goa. But a year later he realised that the name had much more to offer in the online world. Instantly noticing the potential the domain name (innGOA.com) has, he decided to put whole Goa under one roof.


InnGOA.com is here to make a difference and would be glad if you/your company would partner us through our various campaigns along our journey. Thus helping our viewers/visitors to Make thE Most of iT…




Properties in Goa

innGOA Properties is a firm that deals with all types of property management and consultancy services in GOA.

innGOA Properties is a one stop shop that is ought to provide A to Z solution to all the Real Estate needs in Goa. Right from providing an Architect, Engineer, Advocates, Contractor, Plumber, Mason, Electrician etc. Every possible thing that one needs to BUILD, BUY, SELL or RENT a property. Its been 2 years in making but we can proudly claim that we have won more hearts in return.

The company has partnered with some of the top engineers, consultants and advisors in Goa, in order to provide the finest solutions and services to our trusted clients. It manages some of the best projects in the most desirable locations in the Goa and its property portfolio includes an abundance of some of the best properties, which are available for purchase, sale, lease and management.

The management stands by keeping things very simple and secure for its vendors and clients. The firm is all out in creating a benchmark in Goa by initiating various marketing techniques and developing an organised structure in property services.

Our Panel includes some of the best Regional Brokers, top Property Lawyers, Private Banks, Structural Engineers, Investment Analysts, Valuation Officers, Marketing Agents etc.


Inngoa events
Inngoa Events



This group is meant to keep everyone informed about the different types of Events taking place in Goa on daily basis. This events can range from Club – Parties, Live Music at Restaurants, Events @ Casinos, Concerts and various other leisure experiences offered in Goa.



Call or mail us today to know, what are the best of services you can avail from us.







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