Agonda Beach – An unspoilt jewel in the crown of Goan beaches

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An unspoilt jewel in the crown of Goan beaches


If you have heard that the best places to visit in Goa, exist only in the north… you have heard it all wrong – or rather say you haven’t heard about a place called – Agonda Beach at all. Have you?
Agonda Beach is ranked no. 4 in the top 10 Asia Beaches published by TripAdvisor. They have also ranked Palolem Beach Goa as No. 8 in the same list, its just 5 kms away from Agonda Beach.
Agonda beach is an ideal destination for people who love their own company and are in search of tranquillity and peace – a perfect calm, long pristine stretch of beach with none of the notorious Goan nightlife trail.

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One would surely term it as, an unspoilt jewel in the crown of Goan beaches. For your information, it is one of the only four beaches designated as turtle nesting sites under the Coastal Regulation Zone 2011 notification.


How to reach here?
This beach is located about 37 kms from Margao. From the airport (Dabolim) it is about a 90-minute drive away. If, you are in the south and intend taking a bus ride, you will need to arrive at the main Margao Bus Stand (KTC) and board a bus heading to Canacona, which will take around an hour’s time. If you want to avoid crowded buses and the so called bus hassles, you can hire a taxi or cab and head to the destination. P.S.: The taxis/cabs may burn a hole in your pockets! might cost you around Rs 1800.
Stay at Agonda beach is also diverse, from uber-luxury villas on the beach, to guesthouses, to very basic beach huts, to rooms in fishermen’s houses – No worries at all!
Palolem INNGOA Holiday Home is not too far away from this beach, we recommend this property for a comfortable stay.



The stunning ivory-coloured cove of the beach makes it a perfect getaway for tourists to just sit back and enjoy the sight of surging sea waves from the seashore, an amazing destination for solitude and a completely relaxed vacation.
The dawn walks along the gorgeous 3 km coastline will leave a pleasant mark in your mind, you will witness sights that will indeed behold your eyesight – tourists jogging, some of them going for swims, the fishermen merrily enjoying their catch for the day, and plenty more.
Having relatively few tourists or for that matter, less crowd, it serves as a great spot for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming.
This isn’t it, there are some local fishermen that take you on boat tours to dolphin areas or close islands nearby.
If you are here, make sure you visit these places too:
  • Cabo da Rama fort located close to the beach, a beautiful fort and a popular tourist attraction. Built by the Portuguese, stands tall and still on the hill. The fort isn’t the only attraction – dig a little deeper – inside the fort stalls an outstanding church called as Santo Antonio. Standing on this tall hill, one can get a panoramic view of the sea and the entire place.
  • Shiva Yoga Centre – Love yoga? The yoga centre located close to the beach offers courses under the guidance of Swami Shivanadji (yoga teacher). This place also offers accommodation, if you love silhouette and meditation, you will surely fall in love with this place.
  • The Rock Formations – This place offers nothing great yet simply breath-taking place to view the sunset from. Click a pic as the sun takes a dip in the sea and bids adieu.
  • Shiv Mandir– A famous religious destination for Hindus. Also, among the ancient temples in Goa. Domestic as well as local tourists flock here in large numbers. The Shiv Mandir is open on all days for darshan from morning 5am to 8 pm.
After all the sightseeing, your stomach is sure to cry, run for food:
Although a remote area, you will find an array of food destinations here, offering you yummylicious delicacies.
To mention a few tasty eateries are Rico’s, Blue Planet Cafe, Nature Organic, Agonda White Sand Restaurant, Simrose, Arabian Nights, La Dolce Vita Restaurants.
We have described the beach in brief – it has to offer more than what is written in these 2 pages, hence, Goa’s Agonda beach is named as India’s best and the fourth in Asia by travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards for Beaches.
Share your experience with us – We wish you build a castle on memories when on visit to this beach!
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