Anjuna Beach (The Hippie Beach)

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At the Foot of the Red Cliffs – Anjuna Beach (the hippie beach)


Every traveller knows that the perfect beach always has more to offer than just a picturesque scene and if you are visiting Goa, feel blessed – the Goan beaches offer you nothing less than your expectations of a perfect beach visit. Goa’s enchanting beaches, along its 103 km coastline, are vividly enticing.Anjuna Beach Web

Among the many such incredibly scenic beaches in Goa, there is one such beach which is always bustling, full of life, – whether it is the sound of waves crashing on the shore or the people enjoying, whether it is the music playing around or the children running around and building sand castles – yes, it is the opposite of a secluded tropical paradise, the Anjuna Beach (known as the hippie beach).

If you love to frolic in the sea and crave for a bath in the blue waters, Anjuna beach in Goa is the ideal place for you. One can plan a great day here – everything from adventures to parties, from sunbathing to dining on the beach side shacks and more so. What more could one ask for!!

Located 18 km from away from the state’s capital Panaji, Anjuna Beach is to the south of the Anjuna Village. The beach enjoys an iconic status for its notorious trance parties and the exotic Wednesday flea market brought in by the hippies during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Untill date, it continues to pull droves of midrange tourists and backpackers from every corner of the globe. Anjuna continues to evolve with its beach party scene.


What kind of activities can you get involved in?

Laze yourself bathing in the pleasant sun. Get your nerves high – try Bungee Jumping from an 80-ft tower and water-sports facilities like windsurfing and paragliding.


See beyond beauty – Sightseeing & Must Visits/Things to do…

The beach is adjacent to Chapora fort built in 1717 (around 8 minutes distance). The fort sits on a prominent position which showcases views in all directions.


The “Albuquerque mansion” located nearby is one of the sight-seeing highlights of this beach, magnificent Mansion built in 1920. Draws a number of tourist because of its structure and style – Mangalore tiles and white stone – splendid!


Wednesday Flea Market, every Wednesday, at around 11 a.m., Anjuna splashes its vibrant colours. Tourist as well as locals flock to this place, creating virtual clouds of dust with their vehicles. If you are among the shopaholics, be rest assured, you have set your feet at the right place This area offers pleasurable shopping experience with quality products at reasonable prizes. Classy and astounding variety of – wonderful blends of Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati ornaments and handicrafts.


The Acid House Party, Anjuna is a bit like India’s version of Ibiza, a sometimes loud party spot with full-moon parties (acid house) and an anything-goes atmosphere. Held for and by young tourists, these parties have attracted thousands of tourists. The trance party with dance, frolic, and jollity goes all night besides the fire.


Watersports, Goa itself is an excellent destination for water sports with its pleasant weather and calm waters. The best season for enjoying water sports in Anjuna and also other beaches in Goa is from October to May when the skies here are cloudless and blue, and the waters fairly placid.


Anjuna Beach can be visited at any time of the year. However, tourists should beware during the monsoon season, between June and September. We would suggest the period from November to February as the best time to visit Anjuna as the weather is also cool and pleasant.


Discover more of this place by yourself – Visit this amazing place – Anjuna!!




In Brief/Short…  Anjuna Beach is Close to the Chapora Fort, its key attraction is a magnificent Albuquerque Mansionbuilt in 1920, flanked by octagonal towers and an attractive Mangalore tile-roof. Anjuna was the second home (and main location) of the hippies in Goa in the 1960s and 1970s, after other destinations like Calangute got too “crowded” for them. It is still the venue of a (vastly-changed and more mainstream) flea market held each Wednesday. In the nearby village of Arpora, two colourful Saturday night bazaars are held in the non-monsoon seasons. This is still part of “alternative” Goa, though charter and other tourists also visit in increasing numbers to “get a feel of the hippy years”.

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