Quepem – The lesser Known part of Goa

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Quepem – The lesser Known part of Goa

Quepem is one of the lesser known villages in Goa. It lies 15kms east of Margao and is known for its few tourist attractions like its Temples, Churches, Restaurants, Beaches, Festivals and Histotic Landmarks.

The Quepem Dam is a beautiful place to visit. It is located right over the Kushvati River and is said to be one of the oldest Dam’s in South Goa Quepem Taluka. This Dam was built during the Portuguese regime. It’s a lovely place to have picnics or spend time with family and friends.

Quepem Dam

Now there are two popular temples in the Quepem Taluka one being The Shri Chandranath Temple which is located on the tip of a 350 meters high hill of Chandranath in Paroda. It is a Holy Shrine of Lord Chandreshwar who is believed to be the titular deity of Bhoja Kings. The second popular temple in Quepem is The Shri Damodar Temple at Zambaulim. It is situated at the banks of the river Kushavati. Many devotees also come to this place for their belief that the river that connects to the bank of Zambaulim has powers to heal people for many various body ailments.

can you believe that Quepem has  4 Natural Wonders known to man?

Firstly being the Morpila Sacred Grove which protects the source of a mountain stream called Paikacho Vhal. It is one of the most interesting sacred groves of all in the Quepem Taluka. Then we have the Chandranath Hill. It is a hill that comprises of two hillocks of near-uniform contour height, with one being 300m high and the other 350m high. So scientists believed that a meteorite fell on the mountain during prehistoric times. Thirdly we have the largest Banyan Tree in Goa. Having around 220 aerial roots and admeasuring at a total area of 235 feet X 225 feet and is believed to be over 2000 years old. And they say it can shade upto 1000 people under its shade. And lastly Goa’s Straight Coastline. This stretch goes on from Majorda to Betul just north of the Canacona-Quepem Coast. And it is known as a “ Trekker’s Dream Stretch “.


Well i’m sure you know Goa is very famous for its beautiful beaches. It attracts loads of tourists from all around the world just to view them. So Quepem holds two lovely beaches in its Taluka. Being the Betul and Canaguinim Beaches. The Canaguinim beach is a sandy and stony beach. There are also number of beach huts built on the beach itself, so you can enjoy the whole idea of living a life at the beach. The Betul beach is the other beach located in the Quepem Taluka region. This is a little more of a quieter beach. But its normally like this only during the weekdays. But come the weekends its packed with loads of people and tourists. Its a nice place to enjoy picnics with your family, friends and when you need some alone time with yourself and to enjoy the beauty of mother nature.


If your into Multi-Cusines and amazing Seafood. Quepem offers you with a place called the Best Western Peace Valley Hotel with the exact location at Duelmol, Sirvoi, Quepem. Petals is a Multi-Cusine restaurant which is best known for its Multi-Cusines and Sky Grill restaurant is well known for its delicious Sea Food dishes and also serves Barbeque/Tandoori/Grill. Both these place are really marvellous and a must check out place from what i’ve heard. Another place to look out for is the Palacio De Deao mansion. Its not actually a restaurant but the people who run the place, do like the idea of having people come over to enjoy some of goa’s traditional dishes and for a less price too. They have tables and chairs that are laid out in a patio behind the house which is surrounded by gardens on each side. The dishes they prepare are Fish or Prawns – or you can try their lovely Goan Curry, Pork Sausages, Ambotik, Chicken Xacutti and a choice of balchaos. For dessert, you can have the delectable Bebinca.

Another of the sites to see is a tree that is located exactly near the Quepem police station. It is known all around Quepem as the “GOROGINHA TREE”. It is more then a 100 years old and it bares edible fruits that are shaped like lanterns and is called “The Monkey Bread”. This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and helps in curing scurvy and soar throats. The leaves are used to fed horses to give them extra energy and keeping them healthy. It is also a medicinal tree. So do take the time to check out this wonderful creation of mother earth.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed all the information I have provided here and take the time to view all these beautiful places. 

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